The Yachtpainters specialize in demanding painting and coating work with an experience of more than forty years. Our operations began with the family's car paint shop, which was a pioneer for painting fiber and plastic structures in Finland. The advanced attitude and excellent knowledge of materials also led the company to serve the coating requirements of aviation. Special ship bottom coatings were needed in the 1990s, especially because the building of Caribbean cruising ships was at its hottest in Finland at that time. From the aviation- and shipbuilding industry, the company's main focus later shifted to painting boats and yachts in the 1990s. Also in this domain uncompromising top quality and production reliability was, and still is an absolute requirement. The company has supplied and will continue to provide its services to most Finnish shipbuilding and repair yards.


The passion of the Yachtpainters is to produce quality and punctual work for customers in the boat industry as well as in the private sector

The company is keen to carry out projects for carrying out comprehensive external refurbishment of an aging vessel. In this case, the new coatings give the aged vessel a new valuability and the dynamic look of a younger ship. The redesigned boat surface significantly extends the life of the boat because the micro-holes in the aging surface layer that bring moisture to the hull have completely been sealed.

Ten years ago, Yachtpainters also added treating racing bottoms to its range of work. This is done in such a way that the cleaned bottom of a fiberglass boat in particular is carefully coated using a special spraying technique. This results in a strong and hydro dynamically functioning bottom for both sailing and motor boats. Following the expansion of the surface treatment technology to include underwater parts, the company now also offers renovation of bottoms. In this case we do the basic cleaning by blasting with broken glass, metal slag or sand.

Yachtpainters service

Yachtpainters service area covers most of Europe. We have implemented projects in Italy, France, Croatia, Belgium, Sweden, Estonia and, of course, especially in Finland. Yachtpainters mobile painting unit will move flexibly from one project to another and will be operational within two hours of their arrival on the spot.